All About Nano Bond Ceramic Coating

What Is Nano Bond Ceramic Coating?

Nano Bond Ceramic Coating is a product used on automotive paintwork. It is applied to the surface of the paint to form a very thin, transparent coating layer by a crystallisation process. Once cured, the Nano Bond coating will leave a permanent (3-5 years) protection layer for the car paint that is very effective against outside pollution and corrosion and achieves a non-oxidising layer that is easy to clean and maintains a high gloss finish.

The Advantages of Nano Bond Ceramic Coating

  • A High Hardness level of 9H can be achieved with the correct application of the coating which produces a high scratch resistance to protect the paintwork from small stone chips and slight abrasions.

  • Corrosion resistant due to the higher density of the nano coating layer compared to the paint which means acid rain, salt water, environmental fallout (bird dropping and tree sap), insect slurry, dust and dirt will not affect the condition of the paint as it is protected by the Nano Bond coating.

  • Can withstand high and low temperatures -50 to +750 °C

  • The coating is anti-static so will not attract dust and dirt.

  • UV resistant so the cars paint will not fade.

  • Acid & Alkali resistance: PH1 - PH14

  • Nano Bond itself is hydrophobic with its low surface tension which will repel water (water beading angle of 110°)

  • Improves paint finish to leave a permanent high gloss finish.

  • Easy to clean, no polishing or waxing required.

What is the Main Component in Zixilai Nano Bond Ceramic Coating?

Nano-silica/Nano-silicon dioxide is the main component of Nano-bond Ceramic Coating. It is an extremely important high-tech ultra-fine inorganic material that is, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, insoluble in water.

Because of its small particle size, size range of 1 ~ 100nm, it has many specific properties which can improve the properties of other materials such as automotive paint. With its superior stability, reinforcement, thickening and thixotropy, in many disciplines and fields it has unique characteristics which have an irreplaceable role.

Preparing your car 

The preparation of your car is key to achieving the best results from coating your car.

Firstly, whether your car is new or old you will need to thoroughly clean the exterior of your car to remove any dirt, grease and foreign bodies: if your car has been waxed/polished this will need to be removed as well to leave the car paint exposed. Please dry your car thoroughly after washing. 

Once you are happy with how clean your car is you can start the next step of preparation.  If your car is new then you shouldn't need to polish out any scratches or blemishes as your cars paint should be in top condition still from when it left the factory. But for older cars you can lightly polish any scratches/blemishes in the cars paint to improve the appearance. It is preferable to use a non-silicone aqueous polishing agent or a substance which is compatible with the surface paint.

You are now ready to apply the Nano Bond Ceramic Coating but please take your time to check that you are happy with the appearance before applying as the Nano Bond coating will seal in any unwanted substances.

Application Time

The time taken to apply the Nano Bond coating can vary from 3-6 hours on average. 

It varies due to the condition of the car for how much preparation time is required and the size of the car you are to apply it to but 3-6 hours should cover you for washing, drying, preparation and application.
Application times and longevity of car care products:

  • waxing usually takes 20 minutes to 30 minutes - has a life up to 15 days

  • sealed glaze usually takes 2 hours - has a life up to 30 days 

  • Nano Bond Ceramic Coating usually takes 3-6 hours - has a life of 36-60 months (dependant on environmental conditions)

Precautions and Recommendations 

  • Do not apply to cars that have been recently sprayed/re-sprayed until the paint has fully cured.

  • Do not apply to the car if the bodywork surface temperature is above 40℃.

  • Do not apply if car surface is wet.

  • Do not leave coating on for more than 10 minutes before gently wiping down as you will find it hard for it to become 'tack' free - may spoil coating high gloss finish. 

  • Do not use car for 24 hours.

  • Avoid rain for 72 hours. 

  • Do not wash car for 7 days. 

  • Do not use high pressure washer for 15 days.  

  • Application to take place in a bright and dust free area protected from wind, rain and direct sunlight.

  • To take your time washing and preparing your cars surface for application.

  • Car surface to be completely dry before application.

  • Apply coating to one panel/section at at time.

  • Once applied, start to gently wipe down after 3-5 minutes until 'tack' free. If applying in a cold environment below 10℃, please allow 5-8 minutes before gently wiping down. 

  • Takes 7-15 days to reach full crystallisation, try to avoid harsh weather and dirty environments when using your car during this period.

How to remove Nano Bond Ceramic Crystal Shield

The concept of Nano Bond Ceramic Coating is to form a true nano-crystalline protective layer on the paint.

The protective layer molecular structure is smaller than in size than that of the car paint. Nano-molecules will penetrate to the car paint inside, so that the combination of the two work more closely to provide a super-strong adhesion of the nano-crystal. This is what makes the nano-protective layer extremely difficult to remove.

The way to remove Nano Bond Ceramic Coating is by the way of mechanical polishing because the hardness and wear resistance of Nano Bond Ceramic coating is very high. 

To remove the coating during the application process, use a clean micro-fibre cloth with water a wipe away areas where coating is not required. You need to do this as soon as possible.