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Apollo Nano Technology Ltd - Nano Bond UK

Nano Bond UK are the sole distributor to the UK for the Zixilai Nano Bond Range. Based in Nottinghamshire we import and supply to both commercial installers and end users alike and since we started in 2016 we have built up a close working relationship with the manufacturer - who have dedicated 10 years of research and development into the technology with a highly qualified team of engineers and professors. 

This dedication has produced the high quality Nano Bond ceramic coating which will keep your car in prime condition for years to come, 


In 2019 we will be offering a professional application service at our workshop to give you more choice when choosing to protect your cars paintwork with Nano Bond.

Zixilai Nano Technology Co. Ltd

Zixilai Nano Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2007 and is located in the Shandong peninsula area blue economic zone. The company is a professional enterprise specialised in the production, research and development of nano materials. The company has independent intellectual property rights, an excellent scientific research team and a top management and marketing team with advanced manufacturing equipment. The Zixilai scientific research department consists of a doctoral adviser, professor and a high level R&D team that has established a perfect scientific research and testing system that is equipped with the most advanced scientific research equipment and has established a long term research alliance with more than 20 top domestic universities and research institutes. The company's own R&D and production of products have passed the national authoritative organisation detection which means that the various performance indexes have reached the highest level - international and domestic. In 2010 we participated in the Shanghai World Expo and enjoyed great praise by our customers both at home and abroad in the concept of "Technology, Environmental Protection, Innovation and Development" with the tenet of "First Class Technology and Superb Products". Zixilai devote their efforts to promote nano hydrophobic, nano photo-catalytic and nano air purification technology both in China and around the world. 

Zixilai are the nano crystal technology leader and with their technical cooperative, they have put their knowledge and skills together to bring the most advanced permanent car care products to you.

Thank you for using Zixilai Nano Bond